Magazine : Blogging Theme for Pico CMS

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Magazine : Blogging Theme for Pico CMS


Download the magazine folder, upload it in the themes folder of your pico installation and change the following setting within your config.php:

 $config['theme'] = 'magazine'; 
 $config['pages_order_by'] = 'date'; 

You must add these custom settings in your config file

$config['author'] = 'Your Name';  
$config['authordescription'] = 'Web Developer';
$config['authortwitter'] = ''; 
$config['authorfacebook'] = '';
$config['authorinstagram'] = '';
$config['authorimage'] = '';
$config['numPerPage'] = 16; // Number of posts on front page

Search & Categories

To activate search & categories functionalities, Download the plugins folder, upload the two folders : (pico_categories_page, pico_search) in your plugins folder and download & from content-sample and upload its to your content folder.

Front Page & Post Page

Copy & from content-sample to your content folder and change the meta data